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When I first started this blog it was with the intent of exploring different ways in which to get behind the music that I love and support creative people who I feel deserve more attention. This extends beyond the music in and of itself to all the other creative aspects inextricably tied to it. With this in mind, it is always great to encounter artists that have the same passion and enthusiasm for the music as I do, who go beyond the immediate and the necessary because that is the only way they know how. Elefo is one of these artists. A musician and artist, his music is just one element of a far reaching creative compulsion. Having hit him up for a quick chat, he has provided us with an in-depth insight into into his music and an exclusive free track with great artwork and a video to accompany it.



(Image by Lawrence Sumulong: http://lawrencesumulong.com/)

Working as a contemporary electronic producer there are a number of restrictions that are implicitly placed upon you. The pressure to make the next banger or to provide a coherent successor to your last output can force people to look at the music in quite a clinical way. Formulas are worked out and the next batch of tunes are made in that way. However, without doubt it is the people that do their own thing regardless, the people for whom making music is a compulsion, a race against time to get the sounds out of their head, that make the impact that lasts beyond the next big dub. Fancy Mike is a member of the latter group, a self-confessed obsessive who painstakingly extracts the music from his head. Over two mini-albums for the King Deluxe record label - 'Madison Square Gardner' and 'Sigma Chi Primavera' - he has seemingly only touched the surface of his capabilities and his ambitions. 



Following a brief hiatus we are returning to Rhythm Factory to start 2012 on the right foot. We have some big plans for the coming year so hopefully this will only be the start. As ever taking the lineup down a different musical path, we have brought together a collection of our favourite producers and DJs who we believe you will be hearing a lot more from next year.

This night will also act as the launch for the brand new website that we are currently working on!



I'm sure it is a familiar experience to many - Hours lost down an internet wormhole searching through an endless trail of soundcloud players and youtube videos on the hunt for new music. And anyone that can relate to this will understand the untold gems to be found along the way. With each new artist you find comes an incremental refraction of taste that brings with it a prismatic spread of new paths to divert your attention as you search for something better than the last. 

The organic sequence of events that led me from my interview with Venice Calypso and onto Intreau and then the music of Deam's label Concrete Cut got me thinking how far this trail of discovery could lead and whether it could bring any more discoveries that I may have otherwise missed. And so I have decided to start a new little experiment, of which this feature will be the first chapter. Beginning here with Deam, I am going to invite the featured artist to lead me to the next and see where we end up. Who knows how well this will work, but I thought it was definitely worth finding out....



The steady decline of music as a physical product paired with the entailing ease with which anyone can set up a label has led to a new wave of labels that have no overarching vision beyond getting their music out there quickly and cost-effectively. As well as diluting an already over-saturated label market, this has diminished label loyalty amongst music buyers. When a lot of these labels are dealing only in digital, art direction, packaging and other aspects that are inextricably intertwined with the music get neglected. So it is always exciting to find a new label that respects their artists’ creative vision and has the desire to go beyond the immediate and the necessary, understanding the power a well directed label can hold.