I am pleased to announce that Liminal Sounds will be hosting it's first night in a couple of months at Rhythm Factory. Featuring some of the producers that i have been championing recently, i am really pleased with the lineup, and things are taking shape nicely. I am currently working on some exciting things around the night, so if all goes to plan, you will be hearing more about that shortly.

In the meantime, here is the press release for the night...

Liminal sounds is a new night championing the myriad mutations of underground bass music, disregarding concepts of genre or scene to bring you forward-thinking music with both feet planted firmly on the dancefloor. From house to hip hop, garage to grime, complete creative freedom is given to the artists that play, allowing them to explore any and every facet of their musical ethos, taking the crowd on a personal journey.

For our inaugural night, we are proud to present a varied lineup of rising talent that we are excited about and that you will undoubtedly be hearing a lot more from over the coming months. NB. These are not just brilliant producers either, but outstanding DJs!

Throwing Snow
is in high-demand at the moment, having gone from strength to strength with a string of successful releases on revered labels like Alexander Nut’s Ho_Tep imprint, Super Recordings and Black Acre, as one half of the Snow Ghosts project. A musician in the truest sense, his productions are a manifestation of a life-long obsession with music of all varieties. Drawing together a vast array of disparate influences into his inimitable bass mutations, his tracks glow with the embers of elements as diverse as folk and post-rock, as well as the contemporary bass music touchstones of 2-step, dubstep, house and all the glorious grey areas in between.

PhtOtOmachine’s recent ‘Technicolour’ EP on Raffertie’s Super Recordings imprint immediately marked him out as one to watch for us. Amalgamating the rhythmic grooves of house and techno with an infectious 2-step swing, his tracks are a heady cocktail of tight dancefloor constructions and hazy late night emotions that are imbued with an intricate sense of depth and space and an uncanny understanding of the dancefloor. Stretching beyond the confines of the dancefloor, this is bass music with soul and spirit.

Drop/Dead is a name that has been garnering increasing amounts of attention of late. His intricately constructed and evocative take on the indefinable sounds of UK bass music are quickly winning over fans everywhere. Tracks like the hyped ‘Always Love You’ display his ability to merge intricate shuffling rhythms with a deft melodic touch and underlying sense of soul and feeling. With a number of releases on the way over the coming months, this young man is undoubtedly destined for big things.

20-year-old producer Brey is a rare find.  So individualistic are the results of his time spent in the studio, that his music immediately dissipates any concepts of scene or genre. His brilliantly idiosyncratic take on rhythms, bold arrangements and unique grasp of melody all contribute to making him one of the most exciting producers around.

The crew behind the brilliant Get Some blog will also be taking to the decks, delving into their record collections to spin everything from house to 2-step to grime!
Resident Elsewhere will be warming up on the night.

Helical Motion (Pop Your Collar Edit) by Elsewhere Music


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